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See how to use the latest innovations and simple steps to save.

Business properties with lawn and landscaping may save water by replacing it with a water-wise landscape. You can also save water by replacing toilets installed before 2014 with new, low-flow toilets and reduce water use 20%. In multi-family homes, toilets are the biggest water users.


Sign up for a free water use consultation to get custom water-saving recommendations for your business (don't worry - we aren't suggesting fewer water cooler breaks).
Get rebates for replacing toilets, faucets, or urinals installed before 2014 with high efficiency models. They save you more water and consequently, more money.
Find and fix leaky faucets, toilets, and urinals. Let's be honest, there's not a person on earth who enjoys the constant "drip-drop" sound.


Sign up for a landscape rebate consultation to get custom tips for your property. This service is $50 for a two hour consultation.
Reduce landscape watering by 3 minutes each cycle. Let your irrigation system kick its feet up (well, if it had any).
Replace lawn with plants that thrive in Santa Monica. Get cash for trading in your grass.
Use drip irrigation. This method uses a network of tubes to supply water right to the roots of plants - saving you money on water and fertilizer (can you say win-win?).
Use a weather-based irrigation controller (WBIC). These automatically adjust the schedule and amount of irrigation based on weather conditions. Too bad they don't actually control the rain. WBIC Rebates.
If you use spray irrigation (i.e. a sprinkler) make sure you're not wasting your water (or money). Here's what to do:
  • Use short duration watering times, leaving at least a day in between for water to soak into the soil.
  • Reposition your irrigation system so it doesn't spray surrounding surfaces that water can't soak into (i.e., the sidewalk).
  • Have your landscape begin a distance from the street or driveway.
  • In planting areas next to streets or driveways, avoid using overhead irrigation systems.


Saving pays off - especially when it comes to new, high efficiency appliances. They save tons of water and you get rebates for your purchase.

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