There are easier
ways to save water

Santa Monica water customers can save water installing more efficient appliances, low-flow toilets and replacing lawns with a water-wise landscaping.

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More ways to save

The City of Santa Monica's Landscape Rebate Programs for 2017-2018 is Now Open



Save at Home

New high-efficiency appliances save enormous amounts of water without sacrificing creature comforts.

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Save in your Business

See the latest trends local business owners are using to save water and money.

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Latest Drought Info

Get the latest info on the drought and what our city is doing about it.

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SM Water campaign helps Santa Monicans do what we do best - lead the pack in caring for the natural resources that make our City great.

Our focus? Water.

During this drought, the City, local businesses, homeowners and renters are all taking simple steps to save. This campaign makes it easy, as the one-stop-shop for tips, rebates, and anything else you need to save water and show your Santa Monica love.